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Aspire Learning Center was built and continues to stand on the belief ALL children have a desire to learn and be more independent.  We view all behavior as meaningful and serving a purpose.  As clinicians and practitioners we assume the responsibility of identifying the function of behavior and teaching alternative behaviors that are more socially acceptable.  Licensed Applied Behavior Analysts identify specific skill areas that are important to the individual’s success and independence in society, create individualized teaching programs based on behavioral principles, and monitor progress through objective data collection systems.  The clinical team embraces caregivers and families as valued members of the treatment team and works closely with them throughout the teaching process.


Within our program individualized ABA treatment plans are developed and supervised by Licensed Applied Behavior Analysts and carried out by Applied Behavior Technicians.  These services begin with an initial assessment during which time the Licensed Applied Behavior Analyst reviews records, interviews family and other team members, observes the child/adolescent in their natural environment, and implements standardized assessment tool(s).  Based on this assessment, specific goals are identified and individualized treatment plans are developed.  Treatment is provided in a variety of environments, including center, home and community.  See the SERVICES tab for more details on individual services offered. 

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